Simon Butler

It's all about the 1s and 0s

About Me

I am currently working as a Senior Developer at Hive Learning - a platform to learn, share and grow by sharing insight and best practise among your peers, for example: colleagues, coaches, or classmates.

Recent News

February 2013: Started at Hive Learning (a.k.a. Coachbook, Captured)

March 2012: Uploaded my recent projects to github.

March 2011: Started at QinetiQ

December 2010: Completed the SEAS DTC Exemplar 3 project with MBDA.

November 2010: PhD Viva passed with minor corrections!

July 2010: Attended the SEAS DTC Conference in Edinburgh.

July 2010: Attended the Paris Game AI Conference.

May 2010: Paper accepted to the 2010 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games in Denmark.

February 2010: Paper accepted to the AI & Games Symposium at AISB 2010.


In 2011 I obtained a PhD from Imperial College London, within the Intelligent Systems and Networks group, which is part of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department.

I worked in the Personal Robotics lab (formerly BioART - Biologically-inspired Autonomous Robotics Team) lab, supervised by Dr Yiannis Demiris. My area of research was multi-agent systems, and relates to predicting the goals and intentions of teams of agents (i.e. multiple robots working with a common objective).

For more information on my thesis see:


Conference Papers

Partial Observability During Predictions of the Opponent’s Movements in an RTS Game, S. Butler and Y. Demiris, in Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games, pp 46-53, IEEE, August 2010.

Using a Cognitive Architecture for Opponent Target Prediction, S. Butler and Y. Demiris, in Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on AI & Games, pp. 55-61, SSAISB, April 2010.

Multi-Agent Behaviour Segmentation via Spectral Clustering, B. Takacs, S. Butler and Y. Demiris, in Proceedings of the AAAI-2007 Workshop on Plan, Activity and Intention Recognition (PAIR), pp. 74-81, AAAI Press, July 2007.

Book Chapters

Predicting the movements of robot teams using generative models, S. Butler and Y. Demiris, in Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems 8, pp. 533-542, Springer, May 2009.

PhD Thesis

Operationalising the Simulation Theory for Intent Prediction in a Multi-Agent Adversarial Environment, PhD Thesis, Imperial College London (University of London), November 2010. (More info)


I have a wide range of skills across many disciplines, below are my main languages within research, e-commerce, web applications and mobile.